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About us

Who we are and how we work together.

The world is facing difficult times.
We tell stories of positive change.

It’s not all just “challenges” out there – no, as a global community, we are facing tremendous problems, ranging from climate overheating to heart-wrenching global inequality. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But change is happening: Be it in the field of gender equality, of climate justice, or global development issues. It is so important to spread the stories of change, because we all need the inspiration and encouragement to push on. Themenbüro helps you to formulate and craft the storytelling based upon your topic.

We are specialized on topics of positive social impact.

We know our subject matter well – please ask us for corresponding references. And: We work without the conventional constrictions of organizational affiliations: Our project teams combine agencies, freelancers, international correspondents, creative studios and other media professionals, each crew composition tailored to your needs. We make it as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. We work across borders – geographically and in terms of expertise.

Our work comes from the heart, because we love what we do and how we work.

Themenbüro: A freelance-agency hybrid


Not all but many communications projects need at least a small team: Often that’s a project manager, a text editor, a photographer, a camera person, a cutter, an Art Director, a web developer.

After working in medium to large size communication agencies for over 20 years, Fabian decided to offer his clients a sweet spot: The combination of the easy collaboration and competitive pricing known from freelancers with the comfort of one central contact person who orchestrates all the necessary specialists – like an agency.

Team and Network

Fabian Brandt, Managing Director / Geschäftsführer







Fabian is a communications consultant, editor, photographer and videographer with 20 years of experience in PR and marketing. Until recently, he also worked as a Managing Director at Frankfurt based advertising agency Vier für Texas, an agency that is still a close partner in many projects. Before his time in Frankfurt, he was a Managing Director at fischerAppelt advisors, the strategy consultancy of the fischerAppelt agency group. Fabian has spent many years working on issues of ecological and social sustainability, including as a board member of the German Club of RomeThink Tank 30 Germany, and on the scientific advisory board of the Goethe-Institut.

Rahel Eyselein, Editor and Communications Consultant






Rahel is a creative content creator and editor, eager to tell complex stories in a compelling way. After studying industrial engineering and economic development she has worked in development projects in African countries focusing on communication and capacity building. She is full of ideas and passionate to keep things organized at the same time.


Emanuel Bergmann, Video Artist and -Editor









Emanuel is a media production multi-talent. After finishing his apprenticeship in a big recording studio in Frankfurt, he focused more on video. Since 2009 he created countless ads, animation videos, image and product films for clients all over the world with his company ml medien. He is always thinking about special and creative ideas to visualize a project and never gets tired to make a great video for something that’s worth to be seen.

Selected agency partners:

Vier für Texas - Creative Advertising Agency in Frankfurt

Helllicht - Digital agency / web developers

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