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Effective storytelling for more than 20 years.

How we work

Strategy and Communications Concepts

We support organizations in developing concepts and narratives which offer real value - because it works.

Based on many years of consulting- and agency experience, we develop strategies and concepts in close collaboration with our clients and partners. Typical concept steps and results are

  • Stakeholder- and competitor analyses

  • Facilitated Strategy workshops

  • Target definitions

  • Core messages

  • Communication architectures

  • Implementation plans

Fabian Brandt has over 20 years of experience as a communication strategy consultant and facilitator,

first as chief strategist at Germanys leading PR-Agency fischerAppelt and later at Frankfurt based advertising agency Vier für Texas.

Innovation and Sustainability communications – a strong focus on topics of social and ecological impact.

Out of a deep intrinsic motivation, our focus is on topics that deal with transformation towards a sustainable future. While these topics may not always be light or easy, we have many years of experience in making them easier to understand and to convey an important message: Your message. Typically, these topics come from areas like

  • Corporate Strategy and Change

  • Cultural transformation

  • Development cooperation and globalization topics

  • Innovations for ecological sustainability

  • Social justice and gender equality

  • Climate and environmental protection

Creative Execution: Visual Storytelling

We produce content that is exciting, arouses curiosity, appeals aesthetically or provides easily consumable information. Contents that stimulate discussion and are recommended to others.

For this purpose we design the most suitable instruments for you, e.g:

Most of these instruments are strongly visual - they draw their suggestive power by situational composition, colors, shapes and emotions. This is why the term visual storytelling plays such a central role for us.

Another common feature of these instruments is their transmediality - as a rule, we connect the contents of classic corporate websites with

  • Social Media

  • Print Formats

  • Blogs

  • Live events

thus creating a network of connecting points for additional visibility. In this way we optimize the reach and effect of stories and content.

Together with agency partners and specialized freelancers, we offer the majority of the necessary services from a single source. We value fair and long-term partnerships with our customers and business partners and always strive to deliver excellent work and stay hungry for the best idea.

Visual Storytelling – Video and Photography

To effectively convey your messages, we work with you to find concrete, exemplary and at the same time surprising stories. We stage these - depending on the task - photographically, cinematically or with infographics.

We produce photography and videos either ourselves or in cooperation with selected freelance specialists. In photo and video production we put a great emphasis on the right mix of cost-efficient execution and professional quality standards. We call this “Low Footprint Storytelling”. This enables us to deploy the appropriate team and technology quickly and cost efficiently for the most diverse conditions.


Our video references include:

Editing and Text – Our Editorial Services

Well acquainted with the requirements of the most diverse content formats, we offer the textual creation of interviews, reports, technical texts and other formats, but also the control of entire editorial processes.

Exemplary Print Contributions:

Website- and Editorial Design

In cooperation with agency partners and freelancers, we also develop content formats in terms of design. Together with art directors and designers we deliver our products from one source, without our customers having to deal with different contractual partners.

Websites in which we played a major role either conceptional, photographic, editorial or otherwise:

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