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Quantified Sustainable Benefits


A different kind of Sustainability Campaign


Besides political and cultural issues, the global transition towards sustainability is also a huge engineering challenge, often needing high tech innovation. For example – How do you install foundations for megawatt offshore wind turbines? Special concrete admixtures are needed.

Sustainability can be quite unsentimental: Appearing as a chemical product solution that offers economic, ecological and qualitative advantages at the same time, when compared to a conventional technology. A high performing concrete additive for underwater applications as in offshore wind turbines, to name an example. With this in mind, we developed the campaign and online platform ”Quantified Sustainable Benefits” together with our client Master Builders Solutions. In June 2018, we received the German Award for Online Communication for the best microsite and the Best of Content Marketing Award in Silver. In the following years, the platform won the German Brand Award and the German Design Award.

A successful team effort: Communication professionals from MBS, Vier für Texas, Themenbüro, MFG and the photographer Detlef Schmalow together secured four prestigious awards for the campaign.

A cross-media B2B campaign for construction specialists

With the content marketing campaign “Quantified Sustainable Benefits”, the construction chemicals experts at Master Builders Solutions are proving that increased eco-efficiency and cost-effectiveness are compatible - in building renovation, offshore wind energy foundations and many other applications.

Using facts and reference cases from all over Europe, the campaign shows how advanced product solutions from the construction chemicals industry help companies to reduce costs and improve their environmental balance. The measurable potential for success is at the heart of the sustainability campaign and underlines the pioneering role of Master Builders Solutions in the field of eco-efficient construction chemistry.

The campaign specifically takes the perspective of users, architects, construction planners and investors from the construction industry. The Master Builders Solutions product portfolio stands for measurable sustainability and efficiency gains. This promise of success is summarized in the claim “Reduce your footprint and boost your bottom line”.

Testimonial story from Livigno, Italy. Photo: D. Schmalow / MBS

Strong facts need strong images


The campaign focuses on concrete facts, strong images and real success stories. Construction experts tell - in an authentic and exciting way - about the measurable savings they have achieved thanks to modern construction chemicals. Proven measurement methods provide proof of the efficiency potential. In addition to a complex renovation project in Norway, the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and aqueducts in the Italian Alps were also elaborately staged.

The result is high-quality advertisements, short film documentaries and editorial contributions for a multilingual and modern microsite, which forms the stage for visual, B2B-oriented storytelling. By methodically placing online banners and social media ads, the campaign microsite is specifically placed in the centre of both the communication and the campaign.

The success speaks for itself


Within a year, 196 advertisements were published in more than 61 magazines in 15 different languages and 75 banners were placed on 37 online portals throughout Europe. During the same period, the campaign microsite was accessed more than 40,000 times and, with an average dwell time of just under seven minutes, shows that both the preparation of the content and the technical quality of the website are convincing.

In addition, more than 300,000 impressions were achieved via social media in just one month; a total of almost 5,000 clicks were recorded within 30 days on facebook alone.

Concept & Project Lead: Fabian Brandt

Editorial, Text, Website: Themenbüro

Art/Creative Direction, Website Implementation: Vier für Texas / Frank Röhrig (CD)

Photography: Detlef Schmalow

Video: MFG Mannheim

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