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KRI: Establishing good PR practice


Public Relations Practice in Iraq


Around one million people have found refuge in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq since the advance of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” in the fall and winter of 2014. The Federal Republic of Germany was committed to helping the refugees with aid measures on site - the public interest in the activities was enormous. We have supported GIZ in establishing systematic public relations practice on site and communicating the progress of the project through multimedia storytelling.

IDP Camp Kabarto in the vicinity of Dohuk.

Project Background: One million people fleeing from ISIS


Hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes since the advance of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” in autumn and winter 2014. Especially members of the Yezidi minority have fled to the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq during this period. However, the region’s financial possibilities and technical infrastructure were hopelessly overstretched by the immigration of around one million people.

Since 2015, the Federal Republic of Germany has been involved on the ground with great financial and human resources to help overcome this humanitarian crisis - for example, to provide clean drinking water, medical care, education and psychosocial support. In cooperation with the local authorities, other donor countries, UN agencies and NGOs, and with the cooperation of all those involved, it has been possible to provide internally displaced persons and refugees with the most necessary supplies for the time being. The German public has shown a correspondingly high level of interest: politicians and the media want to know how the projects are running, what happens with German taxpayers’ money, and what prospects arise from them. Within the international community of development cooperation, too, there is great interest in being informed about German transitional aid in northern Iraq.

An overview film offers a compact overall view of the activities of German transitional aid in northern Iraq:

Multimedia Storytelling to document the success of important projects


In 2016, we supported GIZ in organising and carrying out public relations work on site and documented numerous projects photographically and on film.

Together with the freelance consultant and journalist Gabriele Rzepka, numerous impressive case studies were produced over the course of the year, which, using a storytelling approach, show how aid on the ground works in the various project areas and what it means for individuals.


Multimedia-production in the field – watertower construction, IDP-Camp

Vocational training in Dohuk

Documenting water supply outcomes

Communications Consulting, Video and Photography: Fabian Brandt

Co-Consultant and Editor: Gabriele Rzepka

Video Editing: Kai Schmitz

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