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Virgin-plastics quality with 90% less CO2

Communication support for a German sustainability champion


Enneatech is a plastics recycling company in the German region of Ostfriesland. The company makes technical polymers on recycling basis, helping important industries reduce their CO2-footprint by up to 90 percent. Our task: To make this impressive success story even more tangible and to strengthen the positioning of the company as a sustainability leader in its field.

In 2022 Enneatech AG asked us to support in evolving their marketing communications. While sustainable production methods have only recently gained significant wide-spread attention, the company had shaped and pioneered sustainable plastic production for decades already. As pioneers in this important business field, the goal is to make the best use of current trends and bring Enneatech to the forefront of attention among its target groups, like the automotive and electronic industries or construction.

A comprehensive communication concept

Our collaboration started with a comprehensive strategy workshop, in which we identified current relevant topics, trends, obstacles and the company’s future plans. Together with the client, we developed a convincing narrative for Enneatech’s core

products. A narrative in the form of an “Elevator Pitch” – referring to a situation where a person has only the short time of a lift ride to convey a certain message and make a sale – was needed to make it easy for the communications team to unfold Enneatech’s wow-effect

easily in all communication materials and on all channels in the future. In addition, a comprehensive concept on how to further develop external communication in key areas and different time horizons was developed.

Here’s a glimpse of Daja Bildhauer’s – chairman of the board at Enneatech AG – impression of the workshop.

Conceptual and editorial support to further develop the company website

Additionally, Themenbüro provided support to the 2023 website relaunch, and especially helped with building the sustainability subpage – idea, concept and text. The requirement for the new website was to make the company’s three product lines as easy to grasp for new visitors as possible: ENTRONeco Polyamide Compounds, ENTRONeco Polyamid Granulates and ENEAFIL. We developed the idea and concept for three labels that make the differences and advantages of these products visible at first sight. The design was implemented by York, Zürich (

The sustainability subpage was our special focus.

At Enneatech AG, sustainability is truly at the heart of what they do. It was the very reason they invented ENTRON eco Granulat and founded the company in the first place. Intrinsically motivated to make the world more sustainable, they didn’t stop there. They constantly strive for and work on making their products and own production practices even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It was important for us to convey this relentless and versatile effort on the website.


We came up with a structure that aligns Enneatech’s contributions to a more sustainable world along the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The full result can be found here:

A screenshot of the introduction part of Enneatech's sustainability subpage.

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